What Should Bridesmaids Wear When Getting Ready

To Robe or not to robe

Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday, we’ve been working like crazy behind the scenes to come up with some awesome blog posts for you guys so you have dirt to read on all of these wild snow storm days. Our first blog post starts bright and early on a typical wedding day – the getting ready for the wedding part!

We think it’s freaking awesome when a bride and her bridesmaids wear robes the morning of the wedding! It’s a trend that we think makes sense; it’s fun, it’s simple, and unlike a bridesmaid dress.. you can and will actually wear it again (even though you think you’ll wear your bridesmaid dress again.. trust us.. you most likely will not haha)

Ladies get creative.. be fun…get weird its your wedding day.

To Robe or not to robe

If there is any sense of stress relief on the wedding day it is that your outfit is already picked out for you, not thinking about what you are wearing in the morning allows you to just relax and soak in the quality time with your girls.To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe

Bridesmaids!! How awesome is this custom made robe for your girl! A simple monogrammed robe goes a long way – especially since she can wear it again on her honeymoon…or grocery shopping.. or dancing in the kitchen. To Robe or not to robe

We love to get photos of all the girls in their robes the day of but don’t forget this takes time so plan ahead!

To Robe or not to robe

HERES A TIP BRIDES: It’s a smart idea to give the girls their robes the night before at rehearsal dinner or if you have a very chaotic wedding crew, make sure they get it first thing in the morning so everyone is on the same page. Getting a picture of the robe nicely wrapped up as a present is awesome.. but by the time its ready to use everyone is getting in their bridesmaid dresses! To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe

Where can you find fun bridal party robes/rompers/tank tops/socks? Etsy, amazon, the Knot.. these websites are amazing to use if you’re looking for this!To Robe or not to robe To Robe or not to robe

There’s so many different types of styles, colors, and materials out there to compliment all of your girls To Robe or not to robe


Ps. Gentlemen… don’t feel left out, keep checking back, soon we will be posting a whole ton of info for the groomsmen to help keep their groom relaxed on the morning of!