What if it rains on your wedding day?


Okay. This weather is just gross. Saturday was beyond beautiful and I think I can speak for everyone and say that we are antsy for nice weather! With crappy weather like this, we get asked often… “What if it rains on the day of my wedding?”

We will tell you right now. EMBRACE IT. When you are a bride… there are plenty of moments where you can be an acceptable control freak. When it comes to a nice perfect 70 degree day… that just won’t always happen and it’s okay. Some of our favorite moments on a wedding day is when brides and grooms say “f*k it lets go out in the rain!” It is not always expected and fuels our creativity.            rain-on-your-wedding-day

Here’s a little tip to ease your nerves- prepare yourself for rain. Buy umbrellas, rain boots, and make sure you have a backup plan.        rain-on-your-wedding-day

Make sure you check around your venue or ceremony site for an indoor location for photos that you’ll like! Of course we will always give suggestions although having your own ideas of and visions of your day is always a good idea. rain-on-your-wedding-day

Have a good attitude about the weather. It could be 110 degrees and you could be sweating, just go with the flow!rain-on-your-wedding-day

You can’t make up these smiles. One of the more fun. parts about our days is documenting emotions and whether its sunny, rainy, snowing, or cloudy you bet your ass we will be there with ya feeling it too. rain-on-your-wedding-day

So you are really not feeling the rain on your wedding day and totally devastated? Here is another idea that one couple did, they did an after session.  It absolutely down-poured on their wedding day and heard the weather was supposed to be better the next day so they opted to get their portraits taken the day after. Well as you will see it rained the next day. What we love about our kickass couples is the fact that they totally embraced it. They had a blast and so did we!



This is probably one of my all time favorite photos. There was literally nothing standing in the way of these two enjoying their newly married status. rain-on-your-wedding-day


It could rain, snow, or be sunny on your wedding day… its your day. Its part of your story.  rain-on-your-wedding-day

So to sum it up.. enjoy it, embrace it, and have fun with it 😉 rain-on-your-wedding-day

Want to know where to get some fun bridal rain gear?  Check out www.Etsy.com and amazon.com and search Bridal Rain (boots, jackets, umbrellas) and you’ll love what you find!