Snowy October Surprise | Konrad’s Personal

Not even sure where to begin. For starters I must confess that even a day before this Historic October Blizzard I honestly thought news stations are overblowing this thing way too much and we’re probably going to get two or three inches, if that. Saturday morning weather predictions were even more dramatic, news and media shouting, “SNOW! SNOW!” I pretty much ignored it all since the only thing on my mind was getting ready for the evening halloween party festivities =D.

Fast forward few hours and I could not believe my eyes. Snow, lots of it, coming down 1-2 inches per hour. Silently I was still hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, but by 6pm our plans for getting to the party were pretty much gone =/. Snow was still coming down hard and we already had 6 inches in our backyard. Staying home was absolutely not an ideal plan for a Saturday night, but hey, better safe than sorry.

Skipping the party turned out to be the best decision we could have made and I realized it when Ela and I opened our eyes and looked outside. We were amazed, speechless and couldn’t believe what we’re seeing. It was a winter wonderland/destruction marriage. We took a walk around our neighborhood to see what’s going on and we were stunned by the amount of damage we saw. Trees, poles, power lines down everywhere… It was like a disaster scene right out of a movie. It really took a while for everything to sink in, especially when you see colorful leafs and this much snow at the same time.

This Autumn Blizzard surely surpassed everyone’s expectations and will definitely go down in the books. Extensive damage and almost one million people without power, gotta love New England weather. Even though it’s been almost a week since the storm, half of our state still has not had their power restored. Those of you still waiting, hopefully it won’t be much longer…

Enjoy! =)