Rome Trip 2010 | Konrad’s Personal

Sitting in a lounge room at a resort in Bahamas and relaxing a little before the nightly festivities begin =).  One more day and sadly I’ll have to snap out of the vacation mode and face the cold nasty weather back home. Bahamas are really great and I love the fact that I was able to finally recharge my batteries. It is much different than our Rome vacation where we were constantly on the run trying to experience and see as much as we can. As funny as it sounds, I was finally able to put together a little post during our current vacation from our previous vacation. So lame =D. Without further ado, my way overdue post from our trip to Rome =).

So, how was Rome? You can see movies, read books about it, but you just have to see this amazing city with your own eyes to appreciate its beauty. Architecture, history, people… We loved everything about Rome. We just wish it wasn’t so packed with tourists =D. If you’re in Europe and have a chance to see this magnificent city, “DO IT”, you will not regret it =). The only thing that sucked was that I really wanted to take Ela’s pictures in her wedding dress but unfortunately we had to give up on that idea because of how overcrowded it was. There would be no chance to get Ela in the picture without tourists in the background. Bummer… We’ll give it another try during our next trip =D. The master plan is slowly brewing in my head and its one of those good ones =P. Its almost time for dinner so I better get ready =). As always, enjoy the pictures and visit us next week for some Trash The Dress love on our blog =).

P.S. If you’re planning a trip to Rome and need few tips, email me and I’ll have few good ones for you =).