Red Barn at Hampshire College Wedding | Aimee + Daniel


Seriously, this day couldn’t get any more perfect than it was. Amazing fall weather; 65 degrees and clear skies, beautiful location for the wedding and a gorgeous couple. Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA is one of our favorite wedding venues for fall weddings. It offers breathtaking views of the Notch and the Holyoke Mountain Range. The wedding venue itself creates rustic and charming atmosphere for the wedding day. Aimee and Daniel chose to have their wedding ceremony under a lone oak tree behind the wedding venue. Surrounded by friends and family they enjoyed every minute of their special day. Huge congratulations to the newlyweds. Scroll down to see their Red Barn at Hampshire College wedding.

Huge thanks to all vendors who made this day possible: Venue: Red Barn at Hampshire College, Hair & Makeup: Glow Bridal, Florist & Cake: Atkins Farms, Gown: Pearl Bridal, DJ: TJ Productions

red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0001 Beautiful wedding dress hanging at Lord Jeffrey red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0003 Bridesmaids helping the bride with her red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0005 First look at the venue: Red Barn at Hampshire red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0007 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0008 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0009 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0010 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0011 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0012 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0013  The view of the Red Barn at Hampshire College. The area is just red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0015 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0016 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0017 Ceremony under a huge oak. Isn’t this gorgeous? red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0018 Bride walking down the red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0020 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0021 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0022 Interior of the Red Barn at Hampshire College. red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0023 First dance at the Red Barn at Hampshire College. red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0024 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0025 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0026 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0027 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0028 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0029 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0030 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0032 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0033 red-barns-hampshire-college-wedding-0035