Ola + Joanna + Marcin | Family Session

No wedding post this week? I bet it’s not as disappointing as facebook’s new layout, which I’m pretty sure you fell in love with right when you saw it =D. Jokes aside. Plenty of wedding posts brewing and we can’t wait to share them with you, but this week it’s all about Ola, Joanna and Marcin’s very special family session that I’ve recently shot. So, what makes it special? I’ve known Joanna and Marcin since they were High School Sweethearts and it really really makes me happy that I had a chance to photograph their first family session with their beautiful daughter =). Her name is Ola, and believe me, you just have to see this kid with your own eyes to see how incredible and funny she is. Ola is already a character, making the funniest face expressions and already showing interest in photography by trying to take a bite out of my lens =D. ¬†Anyway, be sure to check out Joanna and Marcin’s work and as always, enjoy the photographs and love the comments box. The box misses you a lot! What is wrong with me today =D? We’ll see you all next week!