Newport, RI Engagement | Oriana + Barem

Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0001 One of the “funnest” engagement sessions we had this year. Gorgeous location, beautiful weather, no humidity, and lots and lots of fun. Oriana chose Newport, RI as the location for this engagement session. Tall grasses, old mansions, the ocean. We couldn’t ask for more. We started shooting at the Cliffwalk, near the Forty Steps. Next, we drove to the other side of the peninsula, towards the Castle Hill area. After a short walk through the woods, we reached the shore. Setting sun and the old lighthouse created an amazing atmosphere. Check out all the pictures below. We can’t wait to photograph Oriana + Barem’s wedding later on this year!

Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0002 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0003 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0004 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0005 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0006 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0007 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0008 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0009 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0010 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0011 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0012 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0013 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0014 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0015 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0016 Newport-engagement-oriana-barem-0017