The New England Carousel Museum Wedding | Rachel + Peter


This was such a unique day. Ever came across someone that did their wedding at the carousel museum? Pretty sure the chances are slim, but this couple did and it was awesome! No, seriously, off the hook kind of awesome. Everyone has a different vision for their wedding day and this couple seriously nailed it. New England Carousel Museum  for a wedding venue definitely matched their personalities. We wish Rachel and Peter all the best on their new journey =). Cheers!

Vendors who made this day so amazing: Venue: New England Carousel Museum, Hair + Makeup: The Image Company,  Catering: Catering by Christine.

new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0002 Bride getting her makeup done on her wedding new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0004 New England Carousel Museum for a wedding venue? Yes, and it was awesome =).new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0005 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0006 So many cool things to see in the new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0008 If you’re into rustic style kind of a wedding venue, this is a good New England Carousel Museum also has a Fire Museum right next to it. new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0010 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0011 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0012 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0013 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0014 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0015 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0016 Bride and her father minutes before the wedding ceremony at the New England Carousel new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0018 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0019 Father and bride walking down the new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0021 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0022 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0023 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0024 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0025 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0026 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0027 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0028 This was such a fun wedding party to work with =).new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0029 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0030 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0031Bride and Groom on the carousel at the New England Carousel Museum. new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0032 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0033 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0034 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0035 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0036 Bride and groom first new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0038 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0039 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0040 This crowd definitely knew hot to take the party at the New England Carousel Museum to the next new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0042 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0043 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0044 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0045 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0046 new-england-carousel-museum-wedding-0047