Natalie + Dan | Wedding at Branford House

It’s time to treat our blog with some wedding love =). As promised, first phase of wedding posts bombardment starts, now! This week the main stage belongs to Natalie and Dan who’s wedding we documented towards the end of May. We’ve been to quite a few weddings and with total honesty we can say that the atmosphere and everything about this day was just magical… Whether it was the positive vibe and love that radiated from Natalie and Dan, or maybe there was something in the air that we do not know of, this was the wedding you wouldn’t want to miss, and we meant it =). We’re still not sure how Branford House was able to withstand all the craziness that happened that night. Btw, one of the guests is being nominated for the Best Hair Whip of The Year Award, you’ll know why once you see the photograph =). Seriously, Natalie and Dan, their family and friends absolutely Rocked this day! Go and see for yourself =).