Kasia + Robert | Wedding at St. Thomas Ballroom

Recently we presented you with some newborn photographs, family portraits, and even some images from a recent October Snow Storm that affected our state. Today we’d like to return to our regular program and show you some photographs from Kasia and Robert’s Wedding ;-).

Weather was not cooperating at all since it was the day before Hurricane Irene was to visit Connecticut. Rain and strong wind didn’t stop the newlyweds (nor us), from enjoying the day to the fullest, so take that mother nature. The entire wedding was nothing short of amazing. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, beautiful venue, great food and music. What else can you ask for?  Fun bridal party? Yup, they had that as well. They were one wild and a crazy bunch and we have images to prove it ;-). Alterations to the bridesmaid dresses at 11pm in the pouring rain with a pair of scissors, anyone? ;-). Once again, huge congratulations to Kasia and Robert, you both were wonderful.

Enjoy the photographs ;-).

P.S. Rob, you know what? “Sexy Fire” lol.