Destination Bahamas | Konrad’s Personal

I haven’t done a personal post in while and it’s about time I scribbled few words and bragged about our escape to Bahamas =). You’re probably thinking, “Crap, I wish I was enjoying Bahamas right now.” Right now, yes, but definitely not the best idea to go there in December…

Towards the end of 2010 after our season was officially over we decided to take a much needed break to rest our minds and recharge our batteries. New England started to look gloomy and winter was knocking on the door. Quick spontaneous idea, no much research and we were on our way to gorgeous, sunny, warm Bahamas. Surprise, surprise =). Gorgeous? Definitely up for a debate (excluding man made Atlantis Paradise Island) – if you want tropical beauty and nature go much further south. Sunny? YES! Warm? Not so much, especially in December. Ok, I plead guilty =). It was absolutely our own fault due to lack of necessary research before clicking confirm reservation button. But come on, who would have thought that we’ll be hitting low 30’s during the night? When I hear tropical island, words like cold and freezing do not exist, at least up until now =D. Yeah, definitely learned my lesson here. Who wouldn’t, if you couldn’t part with your sweater even for one day. Apart from all the little things that caught us by surprise, (please, please do your research before you book your next vacation), we absolutely enjoyed it, especially because we really got to relax and kind of do nothing. Doing nothing is against my nature, but I must admit it was good to turn off my inner energizer bunny for a while and enjoy our short full of surprises vacation =).

P.S. Already planning our next getaway =D. Cannot wait for this one =P.