Aneta + Hubert | Wedding at Villa Bianca

It’s time for our weekly blog post. It’s been raining for past few days and the temperatures are a little bit lower than I would like, so we decided to share with you a wedding of an amazing couple, whose personal energy levels will make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside 😉

Aneta and Hubert – that’s the couple I’m talking about – may seem like a shy couple at first, but once we got to know them, we realized that they’re a complete opposite. There is just no way you can be bored when they are around. We couldn’t stop laughing while photographing the formals. Their wedding day started out a little bit cloudy, but the sky quickly cleared up, and we had plenty of sunshine. Everything was beautifully organized and every detail was taken care of. Aneta and Hubert made sure that we have enough time for formals, so we were able to visit multiple locations, and create a great variety of portraits. We started with an urban shoot downtown Bridgeport, then we drove to Captain’s cove on Historic Black Rock Harbor. That place has so many beautiful locations to photograph at; colorful houses, marina, restaurants, you name it. See it for yourself below. Enjoy the images and leave some love in our comment box below. It’s very lonely down there 😉

Wedding Details:
Ceremony: St. Michael’s Arch Church, Bridgeport, CT
Venue: Villa Bianca, Seymour, CT
Band: Zambrowiacy Band