Lauren + Francois | Wedding at Stamford Yacht Club

It was one of those days that we really appreciated the weather guys being completely wrong =). We prepared for a day of pouring rain and a possible thunderstorm but no one expected a short shower and the most amazing sunset we’ve seen all year long. The sky looked as if it was literally burning. It was magical, just like Lauren and Francois’ wedding day =).

So, you’re probably thinking what was so magical about this day? More or less everything. For starters a couple that’s absolutely in love with each other, family and friends coming down all the way from South Africa, rocking bridal party and guests, gorgeous venue (Stamford Yacht Club), delish food, photobooth awesomeness, and the list could go on and on. So what’s missing, a perfect ending? Just imagine, all guests standing on the dock watching Lauren and Francois light their lanterns, getting on the boat and slowly disappearing in the horizon… That’s magic! Truly a beautiful day with even better ending to it =). Enjoy the photographs! Till next week.

P.S. We personally want to thank Monika Rose for shooting with us. You really ROCK! =)