Hartford Windsor Marriott Wedding | Julia + Arthur

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If 20 years ago someone said you’ll be a photographer documenting Arthur’s wedding day, the reaction would probably be along the lines of, “Ummmm sure, whatever.” Well, guess what? It happened and it was such an honor seeing Arthur and Julia say their I do’s. Knowing Arthur since I was a kid really took it to another level of awesome =). It was such a perfect day… Beautiful, emotional wedding ceremony at Sacred Heart Church, pictures at Trinity College and an awesome reception at Hartford Windsor Marriott. Again, huge congratulations Julia and Arthur and special thanks to the extra fun bridal party =D.

Everyone that was such a big part of this wedding day: Hair + Makeup: Simply Gorgeous by Erin, Flowers: Agnes Corr, DJ: DJ Piotr, Cake: Creative Cakes by Donna, Gown: Mariella’s, Venue: Hartford Windsor Marriott.

hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0002 Wedding rings on a wooden pig =).hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0003 Wedding dress and bride.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0004 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0005 Bride getting her makeup done for her wedding at Hartford Windsor Marriott.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0006 Beautiful wedding shoes.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0007 Moments before heading out to Sacred Heart church for the wedding ceremony.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0008 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0009 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0010 Groom minutes before the wedding ceremony at Sacred Heart Church.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0011 Very emotional moment between the bride and her father just before walking down the aisle.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0012 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0013 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0014 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0015 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0016 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0017 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0018 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0019 Wedding ceremony is over. Time for incredible wedding pictures at Trinity College.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0020 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0021 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0022 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0023 Wedding bridal party at Trinity College.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0024 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0025 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0026 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0027 Groom and groomsmen posing in front of a gorgeous Rolls Royce at Trinity College.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0028 Trinity College students taking selfies in front of the Rolls Royce.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0029 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0030 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0031 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0032 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0033 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0034 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0035 Time for the wedding reception and fun to start at Hartford Windsor Marriott.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0036 Apple Wedding Cake hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0038 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0039 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0040 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0041 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0042 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0043 Absolutely amazing wedding reception and tons of fun at Hartford Windsor Marriott.hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0044 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0045 hartford-windsor-marriott-wedding-0046