Jeanette + Paul | Trash The Dress
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It’s so good to be blogging again =). A short winter break is over and it looks like we’re on the roll. Although our season has not fully started yet, we have many goodies we’ll be sharing with you, trust me =). OK, I know that you already noticed the main image above and all you want to do is scroll down to see Jeanette and Paul discovering their passion for art… I got that right, didn’t I? Knew it =P. Well, hang in there for a minute and read on since there is a little more to it all than just playing Picasso =D.

Jeanette and Paul are one of the craziest and most adorable couples we know =D, (oh, yes you are), who’s wedding we photographed last year. From the very start there was talk about an after session or trash the dress. After getting to know them a little we knew that an after session is just not going to cut it. With their personalities it was either trash the dress or nothing. It definitely took some convincing, but they finally swallowed the bait and they were all ours =D. MUAHAHAHA. Yup, that would be an evil laugh =D. After some brainstorming we decided to go with oil paints. No that’s not it =). Some time before the session, Jeanette contacted us and shared a really great news, “We’re expecting a baby. Let’s get it done NOW so I can still fit in my dress!” O.K =). Trying not to get an expecting woman angry, we scheduled the shoot on our next available date =).

Long story short… Jeanette got hungry, beat the crap out of us, and shot Paul with a fuel pump. True story =D. You know what? Instead of spilling the beans and telling you all about how and what happened, why don’t we let the photographs tell you all about it. Deal? Scroll, scroll, scroll =). Leave us some love in the comments area and tell us what you think =).

P.S. Once the session ended we got one of the best compliments… Paul who at first was somewhat against trashing Jeanette’s dress because he loved it so much, thanked us for convincing them and said, “This dress is even more beautiful than it was before.” We absolutely agree!