Daria + Tomek | New Haven Night Escapade
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Have you ever been in a situation that you could’t work because you were hysterically laughing most of the time? Well, it happened to us during this particular session =D. Here is the story…

We met with Daria and Tomek in New Haven for their Night Escapade. At first we took couple of test shots to see how comfortable they are being in front of the camera since it was their first professional photo shoot. They were just a little camera shy at first, but after giving them some guidance it was just perfect. We must have done a magical job directing and making our couple comfortable because after the first twenty minutes of shooting, Tomek was pretty much on the verge of rethinking his career path and wanting to become a model. True story =). Yup, that’s when hell broke loose and we’ve seen poses like we never seen before in our entire career. Seriously, you sort of had to be there to appreciate Daria and Tomek’s talents =D. We really can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year, especially knowing that the fun factor will be off the charts. Ok, no more talking =). You know what to do!

P.S. Daria, Tomek, you absolutely rocked it. Again, thanks for all the laughs =D.